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Airbrasive - div of SS White

Airbrasive Micro Blast MachineAirbrasive® is a division of S.S. White Technologies Inc. whose engineers invented this technology in the 1950's as a precision material removal device. The Airbrasive® machine proved so effective in saving time and money in so many different applications that we built an entire business around it. The Airbrasive® machine is well-known as the highest quality unit of its kind on the market and the industry standard.

In fact, many Airbrasive® machines purchased 25 years ago are still in use and working as well as the first moment they were put in operation.

Providing the highest quality products is what makes S.S. White Airbrasive® what it is today, a proven leader in the manufacturing of durable, long-lasting and reliable products.

Airbrasive SS White Model K Microblaster MachineFrom deburring metal to texturing surfaces in aerospace applications, delayering and demarking circuit boards, deflashing plastic, deoxidizing contact surfaces in medical applications, Airbrasive® technology gives manufacturers the finished results they need.

HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions is your resource for all your S.S. White Airbrasive needs if you are in Illinois, Missouri, or Kansas. If you are located anywhere else please contact S.S. White Airbrasive directly for the name of a company that will be happy to assist you.
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