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Parker Sterling Hydraulics

Parker Sterling Hydraulic Cartridge ValvesSterling Hydraulics is part of Parker Hannifin, the world's leading manufacture of motion control components and systems.


Parker Sterling makes hydraulic cartridge valves, including pressure and flow control valves, load control valves, solenoid valves and proportional solenoid valves.

Hydraulics is the technology of controlling pressurized fluids to create force and motion.  Parker hydraulics enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance.  With extensive engineering expertise in Motion and Control, market leading breadth of product, and unequaled global distribution, Parker provides innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide. Parker partners with customers to improve their productivity and profitability. Use the product directory to review Parker's complete product offering for industrial machinery.  

HTE Technologies is your resource for all your Parker Industrial Hydraulic needs if you are in Central or Southern Illinois, or Eastern Missouri.  If you are located anywhere else, please contact Parker Sterling Hydraulics Division directly for the name of a company that will be happy to help you. 
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For more information please contact Customer Service at 314.731.4444 or
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