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vescor jic resevoir
Vescor is a Manufacturer and Supplier of hydraulic reservoirs, hydraulic accessories, flexible couplings, oil coolers, oil filters, sight and pressure gauges, tank magnets, motor dampening rods dampening plates. Specialists in Hydraulic Reservoirs and Accessories.

Aboutvescor pump motor adapter Vescor Reservoirs :
  • Skillfully fabricated from hot rolled steel plate and sheet. All steel is pickled and oiled which eliminates the need for sandblasting.
  • Baffles are properly slotted providing correct oil circulation.
  • Gasketed Removable Top for cleanout of reservoir
  • All Series 5300 Reservoirs include sight level, temperature gage and filler breather as standard equipment.
  • Neoprene Gasket for top plate seal
  • Reservoirs are exterior prime painted.
  • Interior of reservoir coated with rust preventive oil.
Vescor Pump/Motor adapters:
  • Cast from strong, lightweight aluminum that completely encloses the shafts and flexible coupling providing for safe, quiet power unit operation.
  • Simplify power unit design while reducing costs.
  • Eliminate the need for risers, coupling guards and shims.
  • Increase power unit assembly time/reduce labor cost- adapter easily bolts to motor face. Provides a neat, compact appearance for your finished product.
  • Wide selection - Vescor stocks the largest inventory of pump/motor adapters. Availability includes:
  •  Motor frame sizes 56c thru 449tc
  •  Most standard SAE 2 and 4 bolt flanges
  •  Most standard metric 2 and 4 bolt flanges
  •  Modified standard and special flanges
  • Available for horizontal and vertical mounting applications.vescor motor dampening
  • Vertical adapters allow for the pump/motor to be mounted thru the reservoir top (submerged pump). Optional vertical mounting gaskets available.
  • Vertical adapters available with large (oversize) or small (std) flange configurations.
  • Large access openings provide easy access to the flexible coupling. Safety orange snap-in access cover included with all models.
  • All models also available in welded steel.
Vescor Hydraulic Accessories :
  • Containment Trays/Stands
  • Suction Strainers and Tank Magnets
  • Spin On Filters
  • Fillers and Air Breathers
  • Reservoir Endcovers
  • Immersion heaters and Intank/Air Coolers
  • SAE Couplings
  • SAE Flanges
HTE Technologies is your resource for all your Vescor needs if you are located in Central or Southern Illinois, or Missouri.  If you are located anywhere else, please contact Vescor directly for the name of a supplier in your area. 
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