Adept Releases their Latest Robotic Solution

Adept Lynx Cart Transporter
Adept Lynx Cart Transporter

Adept Technology provides high quality robotic solutions for today’s automation challenges. One of their latest releases is the Lynx Cart Transporter, used to transport carts around a facility. Whether you are moving inventory, need to retrieve parts for line side replenishment, or moving sub-assemblies, the Lynx Cart Transporter is a self-navigating, productive and traceable way to continuously move parts while workers can focus on higher value (and less repetitive) tasks without leaving their workstations.

The Lynx Cart Transporter is designed to identify and maneuver a cart (full or empty) from a pick up location to a designated drop off spot. This new class of Lynx vehicle is useful for any facility that uses manual labor to push carts around their facility. The Transporters move a much larger distance across an 8 hour shift than an average human worker since they operate continuously with no breaks for up to 12 hours. Across an 8 hour shift, they can accomplish twice the amount of work.

Equipped with an HMI LCD touchscreen to control and receive alerts, E-stop button, side lasers to avoid obstacles, and MobilePlanner Software, the Lynx Cart Transporter has a cart latching mechanism that allows for custom shelving and crates. In addition to the standard options, customers also have the option of adding WiFi call buttons in their facility, the Lynx Enterprise Manger to manage a fleet of carts, and the Lynx Acuity option to enhance localization for busy environments.

Learn more about Adept Technology and the other robotic solutions from HTE.

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