The Latest DataMan Readers from Cognex

DataMan 150/260 reader

Cognex Corporation’s most recent release of fixed-mount barcode readers, the DataMan 150/260 series, deliver the highest performance read rates in the industry. The image-based ID readers are easy to use and offer increased flexibility with exchangeable lighting and optics to reduce implementation expenses. The DataMan 150 series is RS-232 or USB configured, while the 260 series is Ethernet-based.

The DataMan 150/260 readers are offered in straight or right-angle designs, decreasing the need for equipment redesigns and reducing the reader footprint, allowing them to fit into the tightest spaces. Modular lighting and lenses provide easy adaptation to changing plant applications and environments. The user interface with push-button tuning and triggers, and LED performance feedback, create easy-to-use set up and operation processes without requiring a PC.

The newly released readers are compatible with a wide range of codes – 1-D linear codes, high-density 2-D matrix codes, and DPM (direct part mark) codes. They are an optimal solution for harsh automotive, food and beverage, and logistics industries. Count on Cognex’s DataMan family of products to continually increase efficiency and accuracy no matter your application.

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Blue e+ Cooling Unit Wins Breakthrough Product Award

Blue e+ Cooling Unit
Blue e+ Cooling Unit from Rittal

Rittal’s Blue e+ Cooling Unit has recently won Processing Magazine’s Breakthrough Products Award for 2015 for its energy efficiency and conservation contributions. These units feature innovative hybrid technology that saves up to 75% of energy costs. Energy savings are a result of the included speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling and the integral heat pipe system. The heat pipe uses ambient air for passive cooling, making Rittal the only climate-control provider for industrial enclosures to use this type of technology.

The flexible unit design allows it to operate across a range of input voltages and frequencies. It includes a touch display for intuitive operation and multi-voltage capability for use worldwide. Assembly is simple and quick, and the component-friendly cooling lengthens the service life of parts inside the enclosure.

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