Blue e+ Cooling Unit Wins Breakthrough Product Award

Blue e+ Cooling Unit
Blue e+ Cooling Unit from Rittal

Rittal’s Blue e+ Cooling Unit has recently won Processing Magazine’s Breakthrough Products Award for 2015 for its energy efficiency and conservation contributions. These units feature innovative hybrid technology that saves up to 75% of energy costs. Energy savings are a result of the included speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling and the integral heat pipe system. The heat pipe uses ambient air for passive cooling, making Rittal the only climate-control provider for industrial enclosures to use this type of technology.

The flexible unit design allows it to operate across a range of input voltages and frequencies. It includes a touch display for intuitive operation and multi-voltage capability for use worldwide. Assembly is simple and quick, and the component-friendly cooling lengthens the service life of parts inside the enclosure.

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