Save Time and Money with Dorner’s Sanitary Vertical Belt Technology

Dorner Conveyor’s newest incline technology, the AquaPruf Vertical Belt Technology (VBT), is a sanitary, time and money-saving solution for elevating bulk product like vegetables, grains, pharmaceuticals and more. The AquaPruf series includes only FDA-approved belting and plastic components, and features an open-frame stainless steel design for easy cleaning and quick belt change. The AquaPruf proprietary belt technology is designed for steep, vertical inclines, bulk material handling and food processing.

The AquaPruf VBT features a Staggered Sidewall Belt that allows for 15% more pocket capacity than traditional options and parts can be easily (and individually) repaired if damaged. The self-releasing sidewall and optional vibration roller both assist with improved product release.

This sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system is optimal for use in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries (as well as all other industries that require a sanitary environment). Dorner Manufacturing is the leading provider of innovative industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation solutions, moving anything from machined parts to raw food products across a variety of applications.

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Atlas Copco Included on the Global 100 Sustainability List

Atlas Copco, a long-time leader of sustainable productivity solutions, has once again been included on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list. The list recognizes companies that are committed to integrating sustainability into all levels of operation, adding value to customers, the industry, and the entire global community.

VSD+ Compressor
VSD+ Compressor

In 1994, Atlas Copco introduced their variable speed drive compressor, creating a compressor that adjusted speed to meet the demand needed at a given time, eliminating excess energy costs. Three years ago, they launched their patented VSD+ technology, reducing energy by more than half compared to traditional compressors.

Atlas Copco was the only company from the Machinery category to be included in the top 100, and ranked 34th overall. This is the tenth time the company has appeared in the Global 100 list. They were also listed as number 11 globally in the Newsweek Green Rankings this year for corporate responsibility.

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