The Highest Read Rates with Cognex ID Technology

DataMan image-based barcode readers from Cognex offer the highest read rates of any industrial ID technology. Their handheld and fixed-mount readers minimize no-reads with their ability to read almost any size, quality or printing method, even under the following conditions:

  • Print variations (unclear printed, scratched or faded barcodes)
  • Marking types (laser etch, direct part mark, dot peen)
  • Surface material (glass, metal, cardboard, plastic and more)

Whether your application uses 1-D linear barcodes or 2-D matrix codes at low or high speeds, Cognex has a reliable, easy-to-use solution with unmatched code performance.

Cognex is the world leader in image-based ID technology. Offering the largest selection of solutions to meet the most application requirements, Cognex products guarantee that manufactured items meet quality demands from all industries. Implementing vision and ID systems from Cognex result in fewer production errors, lower manufacturing costs and increased customer satisfaction. Visit our website and learn more about the Cognex Vision and Cognex ID solutions HTE has to offer.

In the following video, see the ease at which the Cognex DataMan reads a 2-D data matrix code on a curved metal surface.