The Highest Read Rates with Cognex ID Technology

DataMan image-based barcode readers from Cognex offer the highest read rates of any industrial ID technology. Their handheld and fixed-mount readers minimize no-reads with their ability to read almost any size, quality or printing method, even under the following conditions:

  • Print variations (unclear printed, scratched or faded barcodes)
  • Marking types (laser etch, direct part mark, dot peen)
  • Surface material (glass, metal, cardboard, plastic and more)

Whether your application uses 1-D linear barcodes or 2-D matrix codes at low or high speeds, Cognex has a reliable, easy-to-use solution with unmatched code performance.

Cognex is the world leader in image-based ID technology. Offering the largest selection of solutions to meet the most application requirements, Cognex products guarantee that manufactured items meet quality demands from all industries. Implementing vision and ID systems from Cognex result in fewer production errors, lower manufacturing costs and increased customer satisfaction. Visit our website and learn more about the Cognex Vision and Cognex ID solutions HTE has to offer.

In the following video, see the ease at which the Cognex DataMan reads a 2-D data matrix code on a curved metal surface.

Save Time and Money with Dorner’s Sanitary Vertical Belt Technology

Dorner Conveyor’s newest incline technology, the AquaPruf Vertical Belt Technology (VBT), is a sanitary, time and money-saving solution for elevating bulk product like vegetables, grains, pharmaceuticals and more. The AquaPruf series includes only FDA-approved belting and plastic components, and features an open-frame stainless steel design for easy cleaning and quick belt change. The AquaPruf proprietary belt technology is designed for steep, vertical inclines, bulk material handling and food processing.

The AquaPruf VBT features a Staggered Sidewall Belt that allows for 15% more pocket capacity than traditional options and parts can be easily (and individually) repaired if damaged. The self-releasing sidewall and optional vibration roller both assist with improved product release.

This sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system is optimal for use in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries (as well as all other industries that require a sanitary environment). Dorner Manufacturing is the leading provider of innovative industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation solutions, moving anything from machined parts to raw food products across a variety of applications.

Contact HTE for a details about standard conveyors or customized conveyor systems designed by our TECHTEAM of industrial productivity specialists.

Atlas Copco Included on the Global 100 Sustainability List

Atlas Copco, a long-time leader of sustainable productivity solutions, has once again been included on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list. The list recognizes companies that are committed to integrating sustainability into all levels of operation, adding value to customers, the industry, and the entire global community.

VSD+ Compressor
VSD+ Compressor

In 1994, Atlas Copco introduced their variable speed drive compressor, creating a compressor that adjusted speed to meet the demand needed at a given time, eliminating excess energy costs. Three years ago, they launched their patented VSD+ technology, reducing energy by more than half compared to traditional compressors.

Atlas Copco was the only company from the Machinery category to be included in the top 100, and ranked 34th overall. This is the tenth time the company has appeared in the Global 100 list. They were also listed as number 11 globally in the Newsweek Green Rankings this year for corporate responsibility.

HTE is your Atlas Copco resource for compressors, dryers, blowers, vacuum pumps and more. Learn more about how we can assist you with your compressor needs.

The Latest DataMan Readers from Cognex

DataMan 150/260 reader

Cognex Corporation’s most recent release of fixed-mount barcode readers, the DataMan 150/260 series, deliver the highest performance read rates in the industry. The image-based ID readers are easy to use and offer increased flexibility with exchangeable lighting and optics to reduce implementation expenses. The DataMan 150 series is RS-232 or USB configured, while the 260 series is Ethernet-based.

The DataMan 150/260 readers are offered in straight or right-angle designs, decreasing the need for equipment redesigns and reducing the reader footprint, allowing them to fit into the tightest spaces. Modular lighting and lenses provide easy adaptation to changing plant applications and environments. The user interface with push-button tuning and triggers, and LED performance feedback, create easy-to-use set up and operation processes without requiring a PC.

The newly released readers are compatible with a wide range of codes – 1-D linear codes, high-density 2-D matrix codes, and DPM (direct part mark) codes. They are an optimal solution for harsh automotive, food and beverage, and logistics industries. Count on Cognex’s DataMan family of products to continually increase efficiency and accuracy no matter your application.

For more information on the Cognex products that HTE provides, visit our Cognex ID and Cognex Vision pages.

Blue e+ Cooling Unit Wins Breakthrough Product Award

Blue e+ Cooling Unit
Blue e+ Cooling Unit from Rittal

Rittal’s Blue e+ Cooling Unit has recently won Processing Magazine’s Breakthrough Products Award for 2015 for its energy efficiency and conservation contributions. These units feature innovative hybrid technology that saves up to 75% of energy costs. Energy savings are a result of the included speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling and the integral heat pipe system. The heat pipe uses ambient air for passive cooling, making Rittal the only climate-control provider for industrial enclosures to use this type of technology.

The flexible unit design allows it to operate across a range of input voltages and frequencies. It includes a touch display for intuitive operation and multi-voltage capability for use worldwide. Assembly is simple and quick, and the component-friendly cooling lengthens the service life of parts inside the enclosure.

Visit HTE’s website to learn more about the Rittal solutions we offer.

When to Use a Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Many applications in the manufacturing process require compressed air. Since compressed air requires so much energy (sometimes up to 30% of a plant’s energy consumption), it’s important to make sure your compressed air system is properly sized, designed, and maintained.

While some facilities require constant operation seven days a week, many others experience breaks or slow-downs in production where energy could be saved or recovered. That’s where VSD compressors are most useful. Variable speed drive compressors continuously adjust motor speed and output to match air demand, preventing it from running in an unloaded state. This can help plants save significantly on energy costs – around 35% on average – making VSD compressors one of the most efficient designs in the compressed air industry.

Atlas Copco VSD Compressor
Atlas Copco VSD Compressor

Since the VSD compressor isn’t running at constant full speed, equipment often lasts longer. Longevity and cost savings combined with the added efficiency that comes with purchasing a newer machine results in a quick return on investment. On top of that, there are often rebate incentives available from local utility companies for updates to more efficient compressed air systems. Check out our Ameren ActOnEnergy page here.

Variable speed drive compressor systems are a good fit for nine out of ten applications, but before making any major decisions, it’s important to evaluate exact air demand, patterns in compressed air consumption, piping, and the operating environment with a compressed air audit. An air audit will allow you to make an informed decision on whether a VSD compressed can provide the energy efficiency you want.

VSD compressors reduce the amount of energy used when demand is constantly changing, almost completely eliminating wasteful energy. In fact, this technology has saved over $400 million in energy costs in the U.S. since its launch in 1994. Variable speed drive systems avoid an unloaded compressor from consuming energy when no compressed air is being used. Visit our page for more information on the compressor solutions HTE offers.

Adept Releases their Latest Robotic Solution

Adept Lynx Cart Transporter
Adept Lynx Cart Transporter

Adept Technology provides high quality robotic solutions for today’s automation challenges. One of their latest releases is the Lynx Cart Transporter, used to transport carts around a facility. Whether you are moving inventory, need to retrieve parts for line side replenishment, or moving sub-assemblies, the Lynx Cart Transporter is a self-navigating, productive and traceable way to continuously move parts while workers can focus on higher value (and less repetitive) tasks without leaving their workstations.

The Lynx Cart Transporter is designed to identify and maneuver a cart (full or empty) from a pick up location to a designated drop off spot. This new class of Lynx vehicle is useful for any facility that uses manual labor to push carts around their facility. The Transporters move a much larger distance across an 8 hour shift than an average human worker since they operate continuously with no breaks for up to 12 hours. Across an 8 hour shift, they can accomplish twice the amount of work.

Equipped with an HMI LCD touchscreen to control and receive alerts, E-stop button, side lasers to avoid obstacles, and MobilePlanner Software, the Lynx Cart Transporter has a cart latching mechanism that allows for custom shelving and crates. In addition to the standard options, customers also have the option of adding WiFi call buttons in their facility, the Lynx Enterprise Manger to manage a fleet of carts, and the Lynx Acuity option to enhance localization for busy environments.

Learn more about Adept Technology and the other robotic solutions from HTE.

Dorner’s Newly Released 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet System Conveyor

Dorner Conveyor’s 2200 Series precision move pallet system conveyors, their newest series released earlier this year, is a modular dual belt pallet conveyor system that’s ideal for assembly automation. These conveyors are designed to increase efficiency and reduce downtime of medium and large size part movement. Ideal for automated or manual assembly, product testing, inspection and packaging, this line of conveyors is positioned as the go-to solution for machine integration, part positioning, robotic pick-n-place and more.

Pallet Conveyor from Dorner
Pallet Conveyor from Dorner

The new 2200 Series features timing belt conveyors that allow an additional load capacity, the ability to change the belt quickly without the need to remove the conveyor from the system, and an updated pin tracking system that cost-effectively manages pallet traffic through 90 turns. There is both standard and static conductive belting available, and pallets are industry-compatible with sizes ranging from 160 mm up to 480 mm. This combination of features provides innovative and flexible conveying solutions across many industries.

Dorner has set the standard for quick delivery. Most conveyors and automation modules are available in 20 days or less. Their online configurator engineers both simple and complex configurations in minutes, saving you even more time.

HTE Technologies is now the local distributor for Dorner Conveyors across Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. For more information about the other Dorner products HTE offers, visit our product page here.