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Meet the Robots

Event Length : 4 hours over 1 days
Seats Remaining : 3
Price Ea. : $0.00
Event Dates : Thu, Nov 02 2017   9:00A - 1:00P
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Cobot Inviting you Come see the very latest robot technologies from Rethink Robotics, Epson Robots, IAI, MiR, and Precise Automation, and explore the role they can play in your workplace.  This event brings together experts from leading robotics manufacturers to share information on how advances in industrial robotics are improving the productivity of U.S. manufacturers.

Experts will be available to answer your questions about choosing and implementing robotic solutions in a wide variety of automation applications.
  • Robot Platform Choices
  • Technology Fundamentals
  • Application Examples
  • Implementation Aspect
  • Control & Interface
  • Hands-on Task Teaching

Rethink Robotics - Featuring Sawyer

Rethink RoboticsSawyer Collaborative RobotRethink Robotics™ creates collaborative robots for the manufacturing industry that are different: robots that anyone can use, any company can afford, and that require no programming.  Before Sawyer ushered in a new automation category of full featured collaborative robots, production robots were:
  1. separated from the rest of the workforce by protective cages
  2. required specialized engineers to program, and
  3. were only affordable by a small portion of manufacturers
Sawyer performs a variety of simple, often dull, yet critical production tasks while safely and intelligently working next to people. They adapt quickly and automatically to changing work environments, enabling you to turn your production lines quickly and manufacture with optimized productivity results.

Epson Robots

Epson RobotsEpson 6-Axis RobotEpson Robots is a leader in the industrial robot world, with a focus on keeping their robots simple and easy to use. Their lines of SCARA and 6-Axis robots lead the field in terms of performance and reliability due to their constant focus on building "next generation" products.

For the tightest budgets requiring high product yield, Epson has robots which when coupled with their high performance controller and Open Architecture PC based controller, deliver extraordinary ROI even for the most complex applications. 

Intelligent Actuator - IAI

IAI Intelligent Actuator IAI offers complete robotic system solutions from economical single axis programmable positioners to Cartesian and SCARA robots.

IX SCARA (Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) robots are ideal for high speed, precision operations such as sealing, dispensing, parts insertion and assembly.

Cartesian robots consist of various combinations of high-performance actuators which feature exceptional speed, rigidity, repeatability, and payload capabilities.

Precise Automation
Precise AutomationPrecise Automation SCARA RobotCollaborative robots from Precise Automation, available in SCARA, 6-Axis and Cartesian models, offer powerful vision-guided control in an extremely small size. Precise Automation robots can be safely used alongside human workers, decreasing workcell size and slowdowns or halts in production.

All robots from Precise Automation include their Guidance Controller, supporting powerful programming that integrates with their machine vision software.

MiR - Mobile Industrial Robots

MiR Mobile Industrial RobotMobile Industrial RobotsMiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) produces the MiR200 mobile robot for automated, efficient and safe plant transportation. Ideal for small transport tasks in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare industries, the MiR200 optimizes workflow and reduces in-house transport costs while maintaining safety in the plant.

The MiR200 is equipped with 2 scanners and a 3D camera to ensure safe maneuvering around workers and obstacles.


$0.00 each seat

Schedule and Itinerary

Day 1 - Thursday, November 2, 2017 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location HTE Technologies HQ
2021 Congressional Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146-4103
Click Here for Map
From 270:
Take 270 to the Page/364 eastbound exit. Take the first right hand exit onto Lackland. Proceed right on Lackland to the first stop light. Make a left onto Congressional Dr. HTE is located in the second building on the right. The Training/Event entered is located on the right side of the building. Will-call/deliveries on the left side of building.

From 170 or Lindbergh/Hwy 67:
Take 170 to the Page Ave westbound exit. Proceed westbound on Page to Schuetz Rd. Stay in the second from the right, left hand exit lane. Make left turn onto Schuetz Rd and take to first stop light. Make a right onto Lackand Rd. Proceed on Lackland to the second stop light. Make a left onto Congressional Dr. HTE is located in the second building on the right. The Training/Event entered is located on the right side of the building. Will-call/deliveries on the left side of building.

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