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Achieving the optimum balance between your capital expenditure and life-cycle operating costs is our goal when working with you on a compressed air equipment project. With a VSD+ compressor, you can save as much as 35% on your energy consumption.


Our oil flooded
air compressor product offering ranges from high reliability, constant supply, rotary screw air compressors from 3 to 600 HP, now also available in a small footprint, advanced vertical air compressors which includes variable speed drive control which delivers the industry’s leading energy efficiency.

We also offer lubricated piston, or reciprocating, compressors from 2 to 20 HP, which meet the needs of smaller production facilities, especially those with intermittent compressed air needs.  These include long-life belt driven cast iron machines, and also high-grade aluminum alloy units.

For more information on our Oil-Injected Compressors click here.

Oil-Free Z Machine


HTE Compressed Air Solutions specializes in oil free air compressors and their complete systems.  Sizes vary from simple 5 hp single oil-free piston compressor installations, to multiple machine configurations involving both centrifugal and oil-free rotary screw compressor technologies at power, food, beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical, and biotech plants where air demands can exceed 5,000 hp.

For more information on our Oil-Free Compressors click here.

As your compressed air equipment and services provider, we will help you in every aspect of sizing, selecting, applying and installing the right solution for your needs so that you can most efficiently produce clean, dry air power. To top it all off, at no cost on most new compressor purchases, we give you the ability to 24/7 remotely monitor the health of your compressor. Whether you are familiar with Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Gardner Denver, Quincy, Kaeser, Curtis, or any other brand of air compressor, we can work with you.

Energy AuditsEnergy Incentives

HTE's Energy Audit program provides you with a detailed report on where you have lost energy efficiencies as your plant has grown or changed. Our compressed air team includes two US DOE Qualified Air Master + experts to make sure you get the very best support with your project. Ask about the availability of Energy Incentives for the purchase of higher efficiency equipment!

Compressor Repair

Compressor Field Service

HTE's field service team is 2nd to none in the Midwest. With Planned Maintenance programs to suit any plant's production schedule and an average service technician experience level of more than 19 years, we are prepared to take care of all your compressed air service needs.

Compressor Parts

Parts Inventory

Our extensive inventory of compressors, dryers, accessories, parts and lubricant allows us to respond quickly to your urgent compressed air needs.

Rental Air

Rental Air Dryer

Do you temporarily need additional air capacity while you repair, maintain, or overhaul your old compressor? HTE's Compressor Rental program is here to smoothly support you during this transition.


HTE Compressed Air Solutions is dedicated to providing the application resources Kansas, Missouri and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in industrial compressed air technology.  Our goal is to deliver increased competitiveness as we apply technology in industry.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at