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UR Plus

Everything to customize your UR robot arm

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Universal Robot PlusUR10eUniversal Robots' partner network called UR+ takes the revolutionary power of their collaborative robot, and multiplies it many times over by delivering purpose-built plug and play robotic accessory solutions for a wide array of applications. 


Partners include robot accessory specialists in Robotic Vision Cameras, Force Torque SensorsPart Feeders, Cable Management, Software, Protective SuitsTool Changers, and much more.


The vast array of shapes and materials a robot arm might need to grip requires an unlimited selection of end-of-arm-tooling choices.  Uniform grip, or adaptive grip.

Each UR+ partner company focuses their efforts on perfectly meeting your manufacturing robot application requirements.

All UR plus products meet rigorous testing standards before being approved for integration with UR robots.  As a result, customers report smooth set-up experiences where programming was easy, and subsequent operation has been highly reliable.

HTE Automation provides robotic process automation to manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at [email protected]