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SmartLink Remote Compressor MonitoringHTE Compressed Air Solutions, in partnership with Atlas Copco Compressors, offers customers SmartLink, 24/7 monitoring of air compressors. When integrated with the Elektronikon controller, SmartLink remote monitoring system gives customers a means of monitoring the health of their compressor operation at all times. Most rotary screw compressor brands can be retrofitted with the Elektronikon Controller, so call HTE to check to see if your compressor qualifies for this upgrade.


Atlas Copco Elektronikon Air Compressor Controller
This powerful tool notifies your designated maintenance provider whenever the machine is due for service, or is starting to exhibit a condition that may inhibit its smooth function.  Proactively avoiding equipment failures ensures that customers can maximize their plant productivity while reducing both maintenance and energy costs.

The alerts are delivered in real-time, giving anyone who relies on their compressor confidence in its reliable performance.  There are three levels of service available, the first of which is included at no charge to the owners of any brand of machine using an Atlas Copco Elektronikon air compressor controller.  For a low monthly fee, customers can also monitor their machine up-time, and energy consumption.

SmartLink Remote Monitoring for Energy SavingsSmartLink Remote Monitoring for Service WarningsSmartLink Remote Monitoring Machine UptimeSmartLink is easily installed, using configurable dashboards that can monitor your compressor's performance in a manner that makes sense to you.  If required, alerts are sent to you via designated text and/or email address.

A team of compressor professionals is on station 24/7 at the Atlas Copco headquarters in Rock Hill South Carolina where they monitor each of your compressors. Any concerns can be automatically relayed to either your internal or external service provider.

SmartLink Remote Monitoring for Air Compressors
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