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                BAXTER THE ROBOT

Baxter RobotSince its introduction by Rethink Robotics in 2012, Baxter, the U.S. made industrial Cobot (collaborative robot), has been maximizing efficiency and decreasing costs in both manufacturing and production facilities. Before Baxter and the new automation category of collaborative robots was introduced, production robots were separated from the rest of the workforce by protective cages, required specialized engineers to program, and were only affordable by a small portion of manufacturers.
Today Baxter works alongside skilled workers, each doing what they do best. Baxter offers precision, strength, and endurance to the floor while human workers provide flexibility and problem-solving skills. People and robots working side by side allows for flexible production – maximizing resources, gaining efficiencies, and creating a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes.

Rethink Robotics’ mission is to make their industrial Cobots easily accessible, usable, and practical.  Using Baxter does not require you to have a robotics engineer on staff, as new and changed work routines are easily taught to Baxter by your own production staff. HTE TECHTEAM’s “Baxterization” specialist is available to assist with developing appropriate end-effectors (hands) to suit your applications.



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Rethink Robotics continues to develop new technologies that redefine Baxter’s human-machine interaction and automation capabilities. Baxter operates on the Intera software platform, which offers a simple graphical user interface that’s easily mastered by in-house staff. The newest version, Intera 3, provides even more features and functionality than earlier versions, and is designed to intelligently handle changing plant environments. With more than twice the precision, speed, and motion quality than their original flagship version, the Intera 3 platform offers major improvements to the robot’s performance and ease of use.

Baxter is an affordable automation solution that is easily trained by non-engineers, flexible enough to move quickly between jobs, and safe enough to operate next to workers without cages. Whether you work in a manufacturing or production plant, classroom, or R&D lab, contact HTE Technologies to learn how the Baxter Cobot can work in your facility. HTE is your resource if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois. If you are located anywhere else, please contact Rethink Robotics directly for the name of a distributor in your area.


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