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Gocator Laser Profilers

3D smart sensors for factory automation

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Global Leader of Inline 3D Scanning and Inspection
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The Gocator family of line profile sensors from LMI Technologies can inspect moving targets of any shape with height resolutions as low as 1.1 microns, sampling speeds up to 32 kHz, that's 32,000 sampling cycles per second!  Each sensor is also equipped with an integral suite of 3D measurement tools and features that deliver a comprehensive 3D inspection solution.

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Gocator 1300 3D Point Laser Gocator 3D Line Laser Gocator 2300 3D Line Laser Gocator 2400 3D Line Laser Gocator 2500 3D Line Laser Gocator 2880 3D Line Laser GoMax Accelerator
HTE Automation and LMI Technologies support manufacturers with high confidence inspection, automation, and optimization solutions in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois as they apply technology to overcome long-standing manufacturing challenges.  Call 800-444-4831 with your questions, or to discuss your application.
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